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Please add onto it

By bzisniper |


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I'm not trying to be rude or anything but this is a unfinished product, no ability to edit existing forms, no ability to remove or edit a question once it's been made so if I accidentally make a question wrong I have to remake the whole form, would be nice to have some more options for question type, such as attachments, multiple choice options, multi selections, overall it's a good start but unfinished in my honest opinion.


By bzisniper |

also the ability to hide/lock forms


Hey Bzi,
I believe these are all logged with Luis (Webforms maintainer) and he's planning to perform that update to this when he's back from his holiday 🙌

By bzisniper |

Any chance you know around when that will be?


Sorry for the late reply, he's been away and has recently got back. I'll enquire with him.

By HypnoticSiege |

Hey! Super late as I've been caught up with other Weblutions things, but great news for you! I started the multiple choice options and I'll be adding the editing forms as you go as well. Attachments can be done in another update, but for now I'll have those two for you all super soon!

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