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FaxDesk Re-write update suggestions

By mrkattsu |


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Footer Design: It would be nice to have an actual footer listing social media links instead of using cards like the current FaxDesk. A clean footer would look better than the current format.

Homepage Drop-Downs: Sometimes, there's no need to create an entire page for certain questions. Having the option to create simple drop-downs on the homepage would be very useful.

Sizing: The text, banner, and almost everything else on FaxDesk are a bit too small. Increasing the size would help users with poor vision and improve the overall appearance.

Homepage Card Descriptions: Don't show category descriptions on homepage cards. Depending on how descriptive you need to be, the cards can become uneven and look off. It would be better to show the description after clicking the card.

Sub-Category or Category Buttons: An option to create sub-category or category buttons would be helpful. (See the attached image for an example).

Search Option: Have the search bar follow through to categories and articles

Images-/ Suggestions take from: https://support.hypixel.net/hc/en-us & https://help.crunchyroll.com/hc/en-us



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