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[EXT] Role Reaction


This page contains content intended for an extension for OverflowBot.

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Role reaction allows guild owners to award roles to users when they react to a message. These are binded to a messages ID. You can add, remove and toggle roles with this version of role reactions!


  1. Copy and paste the files from the download into the extensions folder in OverflowBot.

  2. Configure the array at the top of the placed file.

  3. Restart your bot.


Variable Name Description Type Default Value
enabled Enabled or disables the extension. Boolean true
reactions An array that contains a set of reactions. Array [""]
reactions.messageId The message ID to look at when a reaction is made. Make this the message Id of where people are reacting. String ""
reactions.emojiName The emoji name of which to check for. For default emojis it must be the emoji (eg ✅). For custom server emojis it must be the name. String ""
reactions.action The action to perform. 1 = Add role. 2 = Remove role. 3 = Toggle role on/off Number 1
reactions.role The message ID that will be applied from the reaction. String ""


reactions: [
    {messageId: "741237138653184020", emojiName: "pinpng", action: 3, role: "741237371617411073"},
    {messageId: "741237160975532092", emojiName: "✅", action: 1, role: "741237374192975902"},
    {messageId: "741237183549145109", emojiName: "❌", action: 2, role: "741237374192975902"}