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[EXT] Giveaway System


This page contains content intended for an extension for OverflowBot.

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The giveaway system extension gives users the ability to get automated giveaways running in their guilds. This giveaway system has some enhanced features that can be set.


  • Create (multiple) giveaways.

  • Selectable channel for giveaway to post in per giveaway.

  • Delete giveaways.

  • Re-roll giveaways.

  • Optional image to embed in giveaway message per giveaway.

  • Optional custom congrats message per giveaway.

  • Optional tagging of users or roles per giveaway.

  • Smart selection system, grabs reactions when selecting winners, ensures they're not the host or bot.

  • Changeable emoji to use for reactions and in embeds.

  • Set as many winners as you would like.

  • Auto extends time on giveaway if winner(s) can't be selected due to less reactions than needed.



  1. Copy and paste the files from the download into root directory of OverflowBot.

  2. Restart your bot.

Changing Giveaway Emoji

To change the emoji used in the giveaway message and reaction navigate to extensions/cmd_creategiveaway.js and edit the config section at the top to another UNICODE Emoji.