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[EXT] FiveM Integration


This page contains content intended for an extension for OverflowBot.

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This is the new FiveM extension for OverflowBot which has two main features that you can utilise in your community to save time to check your player count!


  1. Copy and paste the files from the download into the extensions folder in OverflowBot.

  2. Configure the array at the top of the placed file.

  3. Restart your bot.


Variable Name Description Type Default Value
enabled Enables or disables the extension. Boolean false
fivemServersList An array that contains a set of servers. Array [""]
fivemServersList.channelId String of the channel ID. If the setting option is set to 'count' this must be a voice channel ID. Otherwise it must be a text channel. String ""
fivemServersList.title The title of the message or prefix to the voice channel before the content. String ""
fivemServersList.serverIPPort The FiveM server IP and port to connect too. Use the format like;**:**30120 String ""
fivemServersList.setting The setting to use. Only accepts list or count as an option. Count example, list example String ""
fivemServersList.messageId This option is only used if the setting option is set to list. This must be a message from the bot. If your setting is on count you can leave this empty. String ""


fivemServersList: [
        {channelId: "739845247328321566", title: "S1", serverIPPort: "", setting: 'list', messageId: "827074660297736222"},
        {channelId: "827067265891565619", title: "S1", serverIPPort: "", setting: 'count'},