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Full Feature List


This page contains a full feature list for OverflowBot.

  • Multiple prefixes.

  • Over 120 configuration options in a config file.

  • Nearly all channel outputs from the bot can be configured to multiple channels instead of just one.

  • Logging Deleted messages.

  • Logging Role updates.

  • Logging Role edited.

  • Logging Command logging.

  • Logging Edited messages.

  • Logging Channel creates.

  • Logging Channel edits.

  • Logging Channel deletes.

  • Admin Management Have three configuration staff ranks with permission use.

  • Admin Management Option to restrict commands with custom permissions.

  • Admin Management Tracing of user actions. total mutes, kicks, joins, bans, messages sent, messages deleted.

  • DM User Module Receive bot messages and replies.

  • Utility Module Member count channel.

  • Auto Role Module Assign a group of roles to users when they join.

  • Greet Module Welcome messages.

  • Greet Module Leave messages.

  • Greet Module Option to use fancy embeds on leave and welcome messages.

  • Greet Module Option to use welcome/leave image instead of embed or text ().

  • Language Module Filter words and terms and restrict them.

  • Language Module Ability to whitelist roles to bypass the filtered words and terms.

  • Levelling Module Levelling system (toggleable).

  • Levelling Module Gain extra XP from attachments and longer messages.

  • Levelling Module Custom level up messages.

  • Levelling Module Options to remove levels on leave and/or removal.

  • Levelling Module Display rank names for people with certain levels.

  • Levelling Module Send an image with a users rank and XP (https://faxes.zone/i/1rtg1.png).

  • Ticket Module Ticket system with no restriction on the amount of support roles.

  • Ticket Module Tickets get sorted in a category.

  • Ticket Module Ability to archive tickets (https://faxes.zone/i/c929m.png).

  • Ticket Module Up to three custom questions to be asked when users create a ticket (faxes.zone/i/35hy5.gif).

  • Auto Reply Messages Ability to reply to a users message automatically. You can make an unlimited amount of these with your own configuration.

  • Easy to install addon commands and extensions. Drag and drop!

Command List

General Commands

  • sinfo/guildinfo: Get all the guilds information and statistics.

  • help/cmds: Show help message with slides that go through each command category.

Utility Commands

  • overflowbot/botcredits: Displays the original bots author and how you can obtain it.

  • timer: Set a timer for an amount of time.

  • uptime: Get the bots uptime.

  • ping: Ping the bot and see if how it's going.

  • poll: Create a checkmark based poll.

  • xp/rank: Get yours or another users rank and chat level.

  • leaderboard/lb: The leaderboard with top chat level users.

Ticket Commands

  • new/ticket: Create a new ticket.

  • archive: Archive a ticket and generate it into a html file.

  • close: Close a ticket channel.

  • rename: Rename a ticket channel.

Moderation Commands

  • ban: Ban a user via mention or ID.

  • say/echo: Echo a message as the bot.

  • sayem/echoem: Echo a message as the bot in an embed.

  • kick: Kick a user.

  • clear/purge: Bulk delete an amount of messages.

  • msg/message: DM users through the bot. Good tool to reply to bot DMs.

  • mute: Mute a user for the specified amount of time.

  • setstatus: Set the bots presence.

  • unban: Unbans a user via ID or tag.

  • unwarn: Remove a users warning.

  • userinfo/ui: Get a users profile and guild information.

  • warn: Warn a user for an action.

This is only the base bots command not including extension commands or features.