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/db Folder Changes


The /db is a critical folder in OverflowBot. Without this folder many functions will break and not work. It's recommended to never edit or change the JSON database files - or even the other files.

Editing these files could lead to OverflowBot breaking and no longer working!

However, there's two files in this folder that users can edit freely that has less risk of breaking the bots functionality. These two files are:

  • greetimg.png - this image is used as the background of user joins/leaves if the option for images to display is active.

  • rankimg.png- this image is used as the background on rank and xp commands.

We get it, you might want to change this background to make OverflowBot look more like yours!

If you're editing these files its highly important to keep the dimensions, file names, and extension (.png) the exact same as they come. This will otherwise break the bot.