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Custom Permissions


By default OverflowBot comes with two permission systems. The default Discord permissions and it's own custom permissions. If use_custom_perms is set to true the custom permissions is used which is recommended.

Types of admin levels

With custom permissions comes four permission types. These are labelled from highest to lowest.

Level Number
Owner 1
Admin 2
Staff 3
Everyone 4

The first three permission types are role based and you can configure as many roles to be classed as these as you want through the config file.

So what roles define these permissions?

Only roles you configure! See Configuration Documentation - Admin Management and you will see array values (owner_roles, admin_roles & staff_roles) where you can add guild role IDs to have classed as these permissions.

Changing Commands Needed Permission Level

Some commands have easy access to change the permission level needed. This is in Configuration - Command Permissions. If the command is not listed in here you want to edit the command file itself and change the value to a number. Example: