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[EXT] Applications


This page contains content intended for an extension for OverflowBot.

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The application extensions allows a guild owner to easily configure questions in an application format to help with an application or form for anything from moderation applications to a contact form. This extension allows you to configure up to 20 questions. Once an application is completed it goes into a HTML document like this (faxes.zone/u/er5l4.html).

The applications extension also comes with a hand approve and deny command (image 2 & 3 below.)





  • Copy and paste the files from the download into the root directory of OverflowBot.

  • Open the files added into the extensions folder and edit the configuration at the top. See the below documentation for what everything does.

If you wish to have multiple applications you can copy pasta the file and ensure it atleast contains cmd_ at the start of the file name.

Once done restart your bot.

Configuration Options

Variable Name Description Type Default Value
enabled Enabled or disables the extension. Boolean false
application_channels Channels by ID where the applications will be sent. Array [""]
question_one - question_twenty A question that will be asked in the application. Leaving this as a blank string will disable the question. String ""
approve_channels Channels by ID where the approval messages will be sent. Array [""]
approve_message The message used when a user is approved. String "Your application has been **APPROVED**."
deny_channels Channels by ID where the denial messages will be sent. Array [""]
deny_message The message used when a user is denied. String "Your application has been denied for"


Ensure that you move down in the questions. Starting at one then two, three etc. Filling in question one and three and leaving two as "" will cause question three to not be used. So pretty much the application stops and sends once it either hits a question that is empty ("") or at question 20.

Pro Tip
Don't edit the applications.json file. If you break it, you break it. Not me.