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Discord Whitelist Installation


As of version 3.0 of DiscordWhitelist it no longer uses any other script as a required dependency. It is now standalone and works by itself. Server owners/"developers" appeared to have much trouble installing the script. So now its a drag 'n drop!

Creating an Application

To operate DiscordWhitelist we need to have a Discord bot application in our guild. This bot doesn't need to be online, just in the guild.

  • Create a new application from the Discord Developer Portal.

  • Click on 'Bot' on the left navigation bar and enable the bot. Then copy the Bot Token and have ready for the below.

  • Now in the 'General Information' tab copy the 'Client ID' and replace CLIENT_ID_HERE in the below template.


Now invite your bot to your guild.

Installing DiscordWhitelist

Now it's time to install the script itself. First off...

  • Download and extract Discord Whitelist into your resources folder.

  • Open the server.js file in the resource and edit to include the settings you want reflected.

  • Add ensure DiscordWhitelist into your server.cfg.

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