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Getting A User ID


This will be a basic overview to get the ID of a user. These are used in a few places, like adding administrators/supervisors. FaxCAD utilises two types of ID's Discord user IDs and Classic user IDs.

Getting the correct user ID is important to not break functionality in certain areas.

Fetching A Discord ID

To fetch a Discord ID make sure developer mode is toggled on in Discords settings. Once developer mode is enabled right click on a user and click 'Copy ID'. See the below link for a more detailed guide from Discord - Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID.

Fetching A Classic User ID

If you have classic users enabled in your CAD you can find classic user IDs via the classic member page. On this page you can find the usernames and IDs of the classic users of your CAD.
Go to the /staff/members/ on your CAD to access this or click on the Classic Members button in the staff panel.


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